Portfolio of Public Scholarship Workshops

Media Theatre Performance Laboratory(MTPL) is a collaboration between Michigan State University and Riverwalk Theatre, directed by Alison Dobbins, with the goal to teach media design to theatre practioners through hands-on workshops and performances. All workshops held at Riverwalk Theatre.

Teaching & Learning with Technology

August 14 & 15, 2013

The workshop was designed for K-12 instructors, focusing on methods to integrate media in the classroom using concepts of theatre. Coordinated by June Wygant of Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts and Alison Dobbins of Michigan State University. Workshop was canceled due to insufficient registration. Plans to offer it again in 2015 are underway. For workshop details please see http://thr.msu.edu/mtpl.

Media Theatre Workshop

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December 16 & 17th 2011

A two-day event that focused aspects of integration of media and live theatre. Taught by the faculty, staff and students of Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre at Riverwalk Theatre.

Workshops were taught through hands-on demonstrations, performances and lectures. Workshops included: Game Design, Cueing Systems, Lighting Design and Media, Set Design and Media, Sound Interaction and Media.

Performances of excerpts from "Laramie Project" were performed by students from Warren Consolidated School of Performing Arts. Graduate MFA Media Design students performed works as part of the workshop: "Fear" written and directed by Genesis Garza and "Paint the Dark" written and directed by Emil Boulos.

Media on Stage

March 19, 2011

Designers, directors, playwrights and actors--how does media change what you do? This workshop focused on the planning, production process and implementation needed for a successful media/theatre production.

Media on a Budget

January 12, 2011

What can I do with just a little? This workshop focused on budget and technology limitations and how to overcome them. You don't need the newest or the best to start creating magic with media in theatre. Come ready to design, explore and experiment.

Media Magic

November 30, 2010

What's with all that video in theatre? Find out why Broadway is in love with media on stage. What happens when we bring Broadway technology the creative minds of Lansing? Come learn just enough...to be dangerous.